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Big numbers. Instant installation.

The SpeedPuck is a simple GPS speedometer created for sailing but can be used in any sport or situation where you want to see your speed easily. The SpeedPuck has big numbers that are easy to read, it can be installed very quickly and it gives you the accuracy and responsiveness you need.

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Easy to read

The SpeedPuck’s sunlight-readable, high-contrast LCD screen features 27mm (1.1”) tall digits in a font that’s optimized for readability. This means that if your boat’s under 40ft long you’ll be able to mount the SpeedPuck on your mast and read it easily from anywhere in the cockpit, even if you don’t have perfect vision.

Accuracy You Can Count On

The award winning SpeedPuck is completely self contained and can be installed in seconds, without tools. Instead of using a paddle wheel, the SpeedPuck calculates your speed by measuring the Doppler shift in GPS signals to provide you with an updated reading four times a second. The SpeedPuck never needs to be calibrated and maintains uniform accuracy at all speeds.

The SpeedPuck uses the same GPS technology as the Velocitek ProStart, which is used by all America’s Cup World Series teams.

See what you can’t feel

A less than half-knot change in boatspeed doesn’t feel like much and that’s a problem. The SpeedPuck gives you a new speed measurement four times a second! If you wander into adverse current or your crew on the rail start slacking, the SpeedPuck will tell you right away.

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Hit the Water. Now.

Nobody wants to read a manual. We designed a product that anyone can figure out and start using in a few minutes, so you can spend more time on the water.


Displays speed and wind shift indicator updated four times a second.


Displays course over ground and wind shift indicator, updated four times a second.


Displays maximum 1 second average speed sampled from the 18 Hz GPS receiver.


The SpeedPuck’s shift tracking algorithm locks on to the mean heading and then shows deviations from that heading with an easy-to-read bar graph. If you tack or jibe, the shift tracker detects it, resets the bar graph and locks onto your new course.


The SpeedPuck is designed for long-term reliability in a saltwater marine environment. Its case back screws off like the lid of a leak-proof water bottle to reveal the watertight USB port cover.

The SpeedPuck's USB port is also sealed off from the rest of the device's electronics, providing second and third layers of protection against moisture.


A rechargeable 30-hour Li-Ion battery gives you a weekend worth of battery life on a single charge.

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