we help our customers enjoy peak performance on the water

Performance sailing is a tight-knit community. Many of the people who buy our products are close friends. We understand how valuable time on the water is. We want to help you make the most of it with simple, intuitive and elegant electronic instruments.

Doctors have the oath, “First, do no harm”. Our oath is “First, make sure it does what it’s supposed to.” Our design ethos is best defined by the things we’ve learned not to do. Check out this video from the Onion (warning: coarse language) for an excellent summary of what we try to avoid.

Core beliefs that shape our products

Instruments should never distract, frustrate or otherwise hurt performance.

Instruments should be usable without an
instruction manual.

Instruments should be beautiful.

Core beliefs that shape our business

The most direct path to long-term success is to consistently create products that make the people who buy them happy.

The long-term benefits of being trustworthy far outweigh any short-term benefit that can be achieved through dishonesty.

We have a moral obligation to help protect the natural environment, especially lakes and oceans. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Alec Stewart
Charles Swanson
Sony Tran
Alec Stewart



Alec started Velocitek as a grad student in 2005. There is nothing he enjoys more than working with talented people to develop and manufacture quality products.

Charles Swanson



Project manager and award-winning competitive sailor, Charles is the at the helm of outreach efforts for Velocitek working to build long-term relationships with customers around the world. Prior to joining Velocitek, Charles worked on America's Cup winning instruments at Ockam.

Sony Tran



Sony is a four year United States Marine Corps veteran. He brings the grit and determination of a US Marine to our team. Sony has logged thousands of offshore miles aboard the USS Ashland in a privileged role that included internet access at sea. Sony's passions are history, anthropology and art.

Shelly Wang
Afshin Mehin
Shelly Wang



Shelly is Velocitek's woman on the ground in Guangdong. With over 15 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry, Shelly plays a critical role in sourcing quality components to support Velocitek's in-house US-based manufacturing operation. Shelly likes to play badminton and table tennis in her spare time.

Afshin Mehin



Industrial Designer, artist and entrepreneur, Afshin has years of experience with some of Silicon Valley’s most prestigious design firms, including Ideo and Whipsaw. Afshin now runs his own design consultancy, Card79. Since 2008, Afshin’s guidance has helped hone the robust, beautiful, user-friendly designs that Velocitek is now known for.