Velocitek products are intended for use exclusively as tactical aids for inshore sailboat and SUP racing. Velocitek products should never be used for navigation.

Velocitek products and accessories are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for two years from the original date of purchase. This warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser for new devices purchased from Velocitek or an authorized Velocitek reseller. Velocitek's sole obligation in the event of such defects during this period is to repair or replace the defective part or product with a comparable part or product at Velocitek's sole discretion. Except for such repair or replacement, the sale, processing or other handling of this product is without warranty, condition or other liability even though the defect or loss is caused by negligence or other fault. Velocitek is not responsible for shipping costs associated with warranty returns. Velocitek assumes no liability for any accident, injury, death, loss, or other claim related to or resulting from the use of this product. In no event shall Velocitek be liable for incidental or consequential damages relating to or resulting from the use of this product or any of its parts.

Damage resulting from abuse, misuse, accident, or normal wear and tear is not covered by this or any warranty. The types of damage not covered by this warranty include, without limitation:

Smashed LCD screen(s).

Damage caused by a product being struck by a person or object.

Damage caused by a product being dropped onto any surface from any height.

Damage caused by line rubbing across the surface of a product.

Damage caused by a product being incorrectly mounted in or removed from its cradle.

Water damage to electronics that occurs as a result of any of the above types of damage having compromised a product's waterproofness.

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For products outside of the warranty we offer a paid repair option. If you return your Velocitek product to us, we will diagnose and repair your product if possible. The diagnostics are a flat $50 and repair service is $100 per hour. If you move forward with a repair the diagnostic charge will go towards the service cost or replacement cost if repair is not possible.