To change the firmware on a new ProStart (model year 2020 and up):

  1. Connect the ProStart to a computer.
  2. It will behave like a thumb drive (or any other USB mass storage device).
  3. Open the ProStart, and then open the Firmware folder.
  4. Remove the existing .hex from the Firmware folder.
  5. Drag and drop the new .hex firmware file into the folder.
  6. Unplug your ProStart from the computer.
  7. Turn your ProStart off and then back on again.
  8. Wait for a moment for the firmware update to begin.
  9. You will know the firmware is updating when the ProStart counts from 0 to 100 on screen.
  10. When it hits 100, the update is complete and the ProStart will begin operating normally, using the new firmware.


Release date: 3/10/2021

What's new?

  • Fixes bug that would cause charging animation to continue when charge was complete.
  • Shows battery voltage on top line of LCD when charging. 3.6V is empty, 4.2V is full.
  • Makes USB pitchfork icon flash when wall-cube fast charging is taking place.

Download here: prsG_23.hex


Release date: 2/25/2021

What's new?

  • Distance-to-Line is displayed with 0.1 meters when you are between 99.9 to -9.9 meters from the line.

Download here: prsG_22.hex

If you have a pre-2020 ProStart contact Velocitek support for firmware options.