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The Shift is a tactical sailing compass that allows you to easily see your heading and how much you’re headed or lifted. Big numbers and oversized buttons make it simple to use. The Shift’s aerospace-grade motion-processing algorithm makes it smoother and more responsive than any other tactical compass on the market.

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See shifts at a glance.

Big numbers and bold arrows make it easy to see your heading and how much you're headed or lifted.

The Shift's 38mm (1.5") high digits can be easily read from over 30m (100 ft) away. The Shift's high contrast LCD will also show up crystal clear through your polarized sunglasses.

Works under pressure.

Oversized buttons allow you to instantly store port and starboard reference angles on the fly.

Solid-state 9-Axis AHRS.

The Shift uses a solid-state 9-axis Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS). The result is aerospace-grade heading indication that is smoother and more responsive than any other tactical compass on the market.

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When you hear or see any type of start signal just hit the GUN button. If the timer isn’t running, it will start. If the timer is running it will sync.

Once the timer is sync'ed you can independently adjust minutes while the seconds keep counting down.


The Shift has a red LED backlight that won’t ruin your night vision. The battery's good for over 60 hours of sailing in the dark.


The top of the Shift is dedicated to an enormous 26mm x 124mm (1" x 5") solar panel. This keeps the Shift juiced-up and ready for action.


Even the best lithium batteries don't last forever. The Shift was designed to make it easy for you to replace the product's battery yourself.


The Shift is designed to withstand continuous immersion at 3m (9 ft). Every single unit that comes off the assembly line is pressure-tested before it ships.


The Shift doesn't use any GPS technology and it even comes with a static-cling Legalizer Label for use in the most conservative one design classes.


Heading on top, reference angle on the bottom and shift indicator on the side. Each shift indicator arrow segment represents 5° of deviation from the set reference angle.


Timer on top and heading on the bottom.

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