Velocitek Victory List

Velocitek Victory List

As a manufacturer of racing equipment, we can be judged by the success of our customers on race day. Our customers have had an exceptional 2022, and it's not over yet. Thank you to all of the outstanding sailors who put their trust in our products! For us, there is no greater honor.

Whether you’re gearing up for your season finale in the Northern Hemisphere or the start of your season in the Southern Hemisphere, there’s no better time to get a ProStart!

Viper 640 New England Championship

1st ‘NESS’ Mark Zagol
2nd ‘Team Z’ Marek Zaleski
3rd ‘Great Scott!’ Jay Rhame & Peter Beardsley

RS 21 Italian Championship

1st ‘Beyond Freedom’ Gianluca Grisoli

2022 Melges 24 Great Lakes Cup Series

1st ‘Rush’ Mike Gozzard

2022 J30 North American Championship

1st ‘Wildcat’ Russ Atkinson

2022 J70 North American Championships

1st ‘Ten’ Jud Smith, Carlos Robles, Patrick Wilson, Marc Gauthier
2nd ‘Casting Couch’ Cate Muller-Terhune, Jackson Benvenutti, Jeff Hayden, Nick Turney
3rd ‘Very Odd’ Dave Janetti, Andy Horton, Travis Odenbach, Kris Werner
4th ‘Cool Story, Bro.’ John Brigden, Nevin Snow, Tomas Dietrich, Tomas Pellejero

2022 J88 North American Championships

1st ‘Dutch’ John & Jordan Leahey
4th ‘Gaucho’ Dave Tufts
5th ‘Piranha’ Dave Dennison

2022 Melges 32 World Championships

1st ‘PIPPA’ Lasse Petterson

2022 Melges 20 World Championships

1st ‘Brontolo’ Filippo Pacinotti, Federico Michetti, Taylor Canfield, Irene Saderini

2022 IC37 North Americans

1st ‘Gamecock’ Peter McClennen
3rd ‘New Wave’ Steve Liebel
4th ‘MO’ Ben Kinney / Hannah Swett
5th ‘Vigilant’ John Hele

2022 J70 European Championships

1st ‘Calypso’ Jonathan Calascione, James Peters, Morgan Peach, Dave Kohler
2nd ‘Rowdy’ Richard Witzel, Carlos Robles, Tomas Dietrich, Bernardo Frietas
3rd ‘Eker Kaymak’ Ahmet Eker, Burak Zengin, Yasar Doga Aribas, Cem Gozen

2022 Star World Championships

3rd Paul Cayard / Frithjof Kleen

2022 Swan Cup ClubSwan 36 Class

1st ‘G-Spot’ Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio

VX One North American Championship

1st Doug Clark / Jeff Eiber
2nd Trevor Parekh / Marc Farmer

2022 Star Western Hemispheres

1st Paul Cayard / Frithjof Kleen

2022 J24 World Championships

1st ‘American Garage’ Mike Marshall, Dave Hughes, Allan Terhune, Jeffrey Hayden and Rod Favela
2nd 'Grand Slam 2' Paul Foerster, Mike Brown, Rob Johnston, Ryan Minth and John Skiles

2022 Melges 24 Worlds

1st ‘Raza Mixta’ Peter Duncan, Erik Shampain, Morgan Trubovich, Victor Diaz de Leon, and Matt Pistay
2nd ‘Zenda Express’ Harry Melges IV, Finn Rowe, Ripley Shelley, Carlos Robles and Patrick Wilson

2022 Bol d’Or Mirabaud

1st Overall ‘Lady V’ Gilles Fontan

Italian ORC Championship

2nd ‘Trottolina Bellikosa’ Saverio Trotta