TLDR: We added SHIFT-inspired tactical compass features and new timer options to the new ProStart with firmware v42.

ProStart firmware version 42 is out now! In this latest firmware we added a GPS Off mode that makes the ProStart work like the SHIFT used to and new timer configuration options.

You can download the latest firmware for your ProStart here:



What is SHIFT mode and how do I use it?

In firmware v42, the tenth configuration menu is the GPS On / Off selection. The default configuration is On. When you turn the GPS Off, you disable all GPS functions and the ProStart is transformed into a tactical compass and countdown timer.

Just like the SHIFT, there are two user input reference angles, set for optimal angles on starboard and port. The reference angle for the starboard
and port tack can be set by pressing the square (starboard) or triangle (port) button.

When reference angles are set, and your heading is within 25° of a reference angle, shift angle is displayed on the bottom and shift magnitude and direction are displayed on the bar graph with each segment representing 3°.

In the shift angle numerical display, lifts are always a positive number and headers always a negative number.

In Start Mode, with SHIFT mode is enabled, the ProStart will display a countdown timer on the top data field and a magnetic compass on the bottom data field.

OK, I'm interested. How to I enable SHIFT mode?

Press and hold RESET to enter the configuration menus. And then press the GUN button until you bring up the tenth menu. You will see ‘gPS’ will be displayed on the top display and “On’ on the bottom display. Pressing the RC or PIN button will toggle between on and off.

That sounds great! What about the new timer options?

There are now three options for timer behavior: Reset, Rolling and Count up.

Reset is the factory default timer behavior. When the countdown timer expires, the timer resets to last time it was set for and it waits for the user to restart a new sequence.

When a rolling timer is enabled, a new countdown begins immediately when the countdown timer expires. The new countdown will be for the same amount of time as the countdown which immediately preceded it.

When Count Up is enabled an elapsed timer begins counting up when the countdown timer expires. On screen the elapsed time is displayed in minutes and decimal minutes.

Press GUN once to stop the timer. Your elapsed time will be displayed on screen in decimal minutes. Pressing GUN button again will restart the countdown timer. Pressing RESET will stop the count up and reset the timer and wait for you to start the countdown.

All timer activity is logged in .VTK files.


Have any feature suggestions or requests? Send us an email. We'd love to hear from you!