ProStart firmware v27

ProStart firmware v27

We recently launched ProStart firmware version 27! With this new firmware release we added a couple of interesting options to the user configuration menus and we made a couple of popular changes.

You can download the latest firmware for your ProStart here:

User configuration menus:

Local magnetic declination

  • Changes COG (Course Over Ground) from degrees True to Magnetic
  • Does not change your Compass Heading
  • If your declination is degrees East enter a positive number, if West enter a negative number. 

Bow offset

  • Distance from the ProStart to the bow in 0.5 meter increments
  • Round up if your bow offset does not fall on a 0.5 meter
  • You can also leave this at 0.0, approach from below the line and ping when the bow is on the line.

 Direction output

  • "Hdg" = Heading / Magnetic Heading / Compass (the direction you are pointing)
  • "COg" = Course Over Ground (the direction you are moving)

Distance to line (on/off)

  • "dtL" = Distance to Line
  • Option to disable distance to line.
  • When off Start Mode is Time on top, Speed on bottom.
  • If your One Design class does not permit distance to line, we recommend you check with the technical committee or event organizers before using the ProStart with distance-to-line disabled.

Compass damping

    • "dPg" = damping
    • This adjusts your compass damping only.

    Other updates:

    We increased the pacing guides from the last minute of the countdown to the last two minutes of the countdown timer.

    We changed the default backlight setting to OFF.

    You can download the latest firmware for your ProStart here:

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