Flavio Favini

Team Blu Moon, Melges 24

It’s a good compass, we’re quite happy with it! It is quite clear - big digits. It is easy to remember your offset number to see if you’re higher or lower and the arrows are good.

Tim Healy

Team Helly Hansen, J/24 & J/70

We really like the Shift. In the J/70 we use the option to keep track of the upwind angles. It's really nice feature. It gives you up and down readings tack-to-tack, and you can reset it anytime.

In the J/24 we don’t use the shift tracking. The compass is easy to read - big display, and simple design. I was driving the boat in Ireland (Worlds 2013) and could see it easily. I was doing tactics for John Mollicone at the NAs and I was substantially further forward in the boat; I could still read the compass easily.

In Newport there was really steep chop, the bow was coming up and down and here (J/70 NAs in Annapolis) it has been smoother water. It worked well in both sea states.

Scot Tempesta

Editor, Sailing Anarchy

We use the Shift on our new Shaw 650 Sock Puppet. The display is bright and easy to read, the control buttons are easy to see and use, and the shift function is a great way to accurately track wind shifts on the beats. Knowing if we are headed or lifted takes guess work out of the equation!