Alec Stewart in California

Alec Stewart, CEO & Product Architect

B.A.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, UBC
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Stanford
M.S. Management Science & Engineering, Stanford

Alec dropped out of the Stanford Aero/Astro PhD program to start Velocitek. Before founding Velocitek, Alec also worked on UAV design at Insitu and DPI where he became familiar with the power of GPS technology.

When he is not busy trying to hone Velocitek into a lean, mean, satisfaction producing machine he surfs and windsurfs.

Charles Swanson Profile

Charles Swanson, Sales & Support Manager

B.S. Physics, Bates College

Straight out of college, Charles worked on the project management team for the construction of an indoor ski slope in New Jersey. After three years, Charles jumped ship and left the construction industry for Melges 32 Worlds in San Francisco. That led to a two year world tour and his first job in the marine electronics sphere.

In that time Charles sailed with Jason Carroll’s venerable Argo team (among others), winning consecutive Melges 32 National Championships, the 2011 Copa Del Rey, and HPDO in the Viper 640 Class.

One week after Nor’easter Nemo dropped 30+ inches of snow on the Northeast, Charles boarded a flight to Hawaii to start with Velocitek. Charles looks forward to building sustainable, long-term relationships with wholesale customers to spread the good word of Velocitek around the globe.

Pitted, so pitted!

Gideon Grossman, Design Engineer

B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering, Princeton University

Gideon graduated in 2014 from Princeton University where he majored in mechanical engineering and minored in sustainable energy and environmental studies. He researched battery technologies as well as innovative materials for wind turbine blades and thin film solar photovoltaics. Immediately after graduating, Gideon held onto his passion for sustainability, but shifted gears and dove head first into product design. He gained experience designing and testing smart home products at Quirky in NYC and then moved to Tel Aviv for 5 months where he designed military-grade EOD and espionage robots at Roboteam for police forces and militaries worldwide.

Gideon is so glad to be working with the rest of the amazing Velocitek team. Outside work, he loves to jam on the guitar and drum on 5-gallon buckets. Hiking, biking and swimming in the Maui waves also infuse him with euphoria.