Afshin Mehin GQ shot

Afshin Mehin

We have been lucky enough to get Afshin to direct the design and development of everything we've released since 2008. Afshin has guided us towards being more user-centered, helping us to create products that are not only robust, but also easy to use and nice to look at.

Afshin has 6 years of experience with some of Silicon Valley's most prestigious design firms. He is now building his own consultancy in Vancouver:

Dan Kaseler

Dan Kaseler

In the spring of 2005, Velocitek founder Alec Stewart took the summer off from grad school and rode the train from Palo Alto all the way up to Port Angeles, WA where he rented an extra room in Dan's design loft. This is where the first Velocitek devices were built by hand. An electric skillet (originally designed to cook pancakes) was used to solder components to the product's circuit board.

Dan has been a valued adviser ever since. He is also the designer of Velocitek's distinctive logo.

When Dan is not busy designing the world's most badass windsurfing sails, he dominates the Pacific Northwest Melges 24 fleet at the helm of Pteron.

Rohan Veal sailing his moth

Rohan Veal

Rohan is a hydrofoil sailing pioneer and a multiple world champion in the Moth class. Rohan was one of the first people to ever use a Velocitek product on a sailboat and his input has heavily influenced the design of our products.

Rohan was instrumental in forming the initial blueprint for the ProStart. In the Summer of 2008 we had an intense brainstorming session with Rohan at the Waikiki Yacht Club that lead to the first steps in creating what is now the ProStart.