One Percent for the Planet Logo

One Percent for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a coalition of businesses who pledge 1% of their total revenue towards supporting environmental non-profits. Velocitek has been a member since 2006.

Here's a list of the non-profits we have supported:

Sailors for the Sea Logo

Sailors for the Sea

Our 1% contribution to Sailors for the Sea is used to support the organization’s core programs, including its Clean Regattas program. This third-party certification program helps regattas, yacht clubs and sailing programs voluntarily achieve higher environmental standards.

From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to the Deepwater Horizon spill, it’s evident that the world’s oceans need our help today, more than ever. We believe that individually we have a small impact in preserving our oceans, but together, we can make a difference. Visit the Sailors for the Sea website below to learn more about the organization and how you can promote healthy sailing in your local community.

Hawaiian Canoe Club Logo

Hawaiian Canoe Club

"Our mission is to perpetuate and preserve the art of Hawaiian canoe paddling by providing an environment rooted in traditional Hawaiian values that promote personal growth, character development, and achievement in physical fitness."

Trees, Water & People Logo

Trees, Water & People

"Trees, Water & People is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization that works to improve people’s lives by helping communities to protect, conserve and manage the natural resources upon which their long-term well-being depends."

Kokua Hawaii Foundation Logo

The Kokua Hawaii Foundation

"The Kokua Hawai’i Foundation is a 501©3 non-profit organization that supports environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawai’i.

Our mission is to provide students with experiences that will enhance their appreciation for and understanding of their environment so they will be lifelong stewards of the earth."

Maui Coastal Land Trust Logo

Maui Coastal Land Trust

"Maui Coastal Land Trust is a non-political, non-profit organization that works with private landowners, neighborhoods, community groups and government agencies to protect significant environmental and cultural resources in perpetuity. The protected resources are site specific and may include shoreline access and recreation, endangered species habitat, agricultural lands or culturally significant sites."